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About the Game

Raptor-like aliens have invaded Earth!

In a distant future, colonisation has begun as these high-tech and brightly-lit raiders seek to conquer the galaxy and expand their empire: starting with Earth. In a blitzkrieg of neon and fire, they have brought our immediate defences to their knees.

Fortunately, we were prepared for such an invasion. Utilising the untapped alien power of neon technology against them, Earth scientists have created their own jetpack-propelled, energy-flinging cyborg!

Play as humanity’s last hope – it’s up to you to stop this extermination and turn the tides. Equipped with a trusty arm-mounted laser sword, storm the alien base and take the fight to the enemy!

Key Features

  • Strike hard, strike fast: Close in on the raptor soldiers and neutralise them with your laser sword!
  • Aerial supremacy: Outmanoeuvre enemies using your burst-controlled jetpack!
  • Turn the tables: Gather pure neon energy from your enemies to supercharge your jetpack and unleash waves of colourful destruction!
  • An imperial meeting: Use your skill and wits to confront the Raptor Emperor in his lair!


  • Release Date: The moment I typed this sentence. Like, right now. (24/06/2014)
  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: Free!

About Myself

Hiya, the name’s Jackson Wong! I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Game Art) at Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. This is my first semester’s project, as well as my first game of this scale. I hope you take a minute or two to give it a go!

Please note the game is still in alpha, and is hence a work-in-progress. I may or may not work on it in the future.

Contact Info

If you have any feedback, positive or negative, feel free to email me at: jackson.wong@mediadesign.school.nz

Install instructions

Just run the executable and you're good to go!


Neon Raptor Assault.exe 20 MB